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"Provides innovative content

and entertainment through

effective platforms and  technologies."



Brands and corporate customers’ digital advertising needs are served by our experienced digital marketers using our state-of-the-art programmatic demand-side platform (DSP) making sure every advertisement reaches their target customers in real-time, all the time. Whether it’s through a website, mobile, podcast, applications, social media, or various audio and video players, BigMedia has it covered. Comprehensive real-time data analytics are provided in every ad campaign ensures transparent and optimized delivery of advertisement for every peso spent.



Traditional and digital publishers can now monetize their content across various digital platforms through BigMedia’s programmatic supply side platform (SSP). Whether the content is text, images, audio, video, live or recorded, BigMedia will market the contents in real-time across various digital platforms, so publishers earn for their work. With BigMedia’s data analytics, we can provide publishers the information on how to improve and maximize their content’s viewership translating to more revenue potential.



All of BigMedia’s business culminates in the engagement with our millions of viewers and audiences in the Philippines and beyond. BigMedia Network ensure that every aspect of the audiences’ experience is captured, enhanced, and improved. The content selection and categories are there for the audience, wherever and whenever they want. Using the advantages of digital, BigMedia is learning more about our audiences and viewing preferences and habits in real-time. This means we can deliver contents that is more popular, relevant, and engaging to our target audiences on the devices and time they prefer.


Digital Services

As our corporate clients’ needs are changing, so are our digital services offering evolving. From video commercials, live streaming, event management, social media management to tournament production and even strategic communication services, we got them covered. With BigMedia local and global partners and principals, no task is too big or small for BigMedia to deliver and keep our customers happy.

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This is where it all started for BigMedia. Creating, learning, and exploring possibilities to deliver content either through a partnership or doing it on our own, we have gained much-needed experiences resulting in our current market presence and stature in the digital media industry. We have produced countless live stream programs, episodes, webinars, conferences, commercials, and many more.

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Digital Servics
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