About Us

Who we are?

We are BigMedia, an endeavor born out of an opportunity to enhance and level up creation and delivery of content  to cater to the needs and interests of a more fragmented audience .


Digital technology has empowered individuals to choose the kind of content that they want to consume. There is more demand for relevant programs that could cater to smaller communities, interest groups and niche markets. Broadcasting is no longer a one way street, but a stream of multiple highways that’s more dynamic and interactive. Big Media understands this trend, thus the offering of a platform that leverages on innovative and effective digital technologies to connect people, build and empower communities and promote a more dynamic exchange of information at a local level. 


BigMedia Digital Corporation is the mother company of V81Radio South Manila, the first Digital Station in the South of Manila located in Paranaque City. BigMedia is the realization of dreams of passionate individuals from the ICT and Philippine Broadcast Industry. 


BigMedia sets to bring programs, music, films, broadcasts and events ever closer to the people, its target audience through community-focused engagements, niched programming, and on-the-go, on-demand content viewing all anchored through the most appealing digital technology for a wide variety of audience.



BigMedia aims to be the No.1 Digital Entertainment and Production outfit  based in the Philippines, servicing different communities worldwide.


We aim to be recognized as an  innovative digital content and broadcasting provider utilizing the most effective technologies and platforms available to deliver compelling and relevant content to different target audiences.


Our goal is to be the trusted partner of various  local communities as we provide  insightful information, governance support and relevant entertainment that empower individuals and groups to act and move towards a progressive future. 


BigMedia shall create a broadcast communication system that leverages on social and digital technologies to: 


  • Create and deliver customized and personalized programming to impart knowledge, entertain and inspire individuals.


  • Strengthen communities by promoting heightened awareness through quick, competent exchange of communication. By delivering relevant and relatable content, we also allow members of the community to act, participate and make informed decisions as responsible citizens.


  • Initiate social change by supporting local governments in promoting transparency and seamless exchange of information. A local broadcasting ecosystem can help empower a culture of unity and loyalty, which serves as a foundation to nation building. This is what BigMedia will provide.




Charlie Fong

Founder and CEO


Rolly Pagaspas

Strategy & Partnerships


Ruel Nopal

Technical Development